Want to stop cringing about your sex life, even if your libido feels a million miles away?

I’d love to help

With my one to one coaching programme we delve into:

  • Pleasure-infused sex ed you wished you’d had to satisfy your LOGIC

  • Personalised practices and techniques that us sexperts use to supercharge our sexual energy, in and out of the bedroom to build DESIRE

  • Identify your current beliefs are letting go of fear and shame, you can build new beliefs fuelled by excitement and pleasure filled FEELINGS

You’ll find that embracing your sexy side isn’t just doable, you can have a ball learning how.

(pun not intended, but certainly not regretted!)


If you’re feeling that pull of excitement mixed with fear and resistance, I have five spaces for personal coaching available now.

(I LOVE resistance, it’s proportional to the degree of power available to us.

i.e. the more we feel resistance, the better it feels the other side.


Halloween Treat… Mwhahaha

When you make your first payment before 31st October, I am including a full Sexual Identity Deep Dive…

A what?

Sex geeking to the max with everything I use to map out my own sexual identity.

Using the best personal exploration out there, followed by an EXTRA one to one Deep Dive Call where we translate the intricacies of your own sexuality.

We identify your:

  • Core erotic theme

  • Erotic blueprint

  • Dominant love languages

  • Sexual journey location

  • Sexual inhibitors and exciters

  • Attachment style

  • Kinsey scale

  • Current beliefs that are block your orgasmic energy

You will become fluent in your authentic sexual self.



Next Step, Deep Breath…

We have a chat see if we’re a good fit.

It’s that easy.

To book yours message me on Facebook and we’ll arrange a time:

Cheeky extra - just ‘cause I love you…

Live Q+A - Thursday 25th 8pm IM Woman Facebook Group

I’ll cover anything I didn’t answer in training and any questions you have off the back, drop me a message in the group chat.

I am on a mission to provide the best, pleasure-infused sex ed to help women fall in love with their sexy side.

I have so much love and gratitude for those who believe in this and choose to include me on your journey of sexual empowerment.

Message me to book your call now.

I can’t wait to speak to you.


Caroline. x