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In our ever-accelerating world we are overstimulated, over-scheduled and overwhelmed by demanding standards to live up to. We are under constant pressure to be successful, to be perfect, to be everything to everyone – the boss, the mother, the chef, the lover, the carer, the bank, the yogini and the safe place.

Brené Brown on Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness podcast puts it best:

‘The greatest shame trigger for women is: do it all… look perfect, work perfect… be smokin’ hot and brilliant, but never let them see you sweat…’

In reality, we cannot meet these expectations, and yet we decide we are failing when we don’t. We feel anxious and stressed all the time, we become disconnected from ourselves and we are less capable of feeling pleasure. Our sex lives and our ability to connect with another human being at the deepest level just dwindle away.


Intelligent, successful, strong women approach US with problems like:

‘I am so stressed, I just can’t get in the mood'

‘I just don’t work like everybody else '

‘The lights are always out in the bedroom as I feel so body-conscious’

‘I love him, but I've found my libido has pretty much gone’

‘It just feels like I have been missing out’

They all tell the same story - I am broken.

When we believe we are broken, we disconnect even further, as our body becomes our enemy.


IM Women are the brave tribe of women that refuse to just accept this.

IM Women talk frankly and openly about how our bodies actually work, myth-bust years of damaging cultural advice and strive to love and accept our bodies exactly as they are right now.

By sharing our stories and speaking the unspeakable, shame dissipates.

By learning how our bodies work, acceptance follows.

By building up a delicious, deep and intimate connection with ourselves, we recharge our power pack of creative energy.

By showing ourselves care and attention, we demonstrate self-love.

We are literally the biggest energy generators on the planet, but because of thousands of years of secrecy and shame, we just don’t realise it.

You cannot be a powerful woman and be afraid of your pussy.
— psalm isadora

Inti-Mate is here to change that.

Whether that change is gently awakening a long-lost or yet-to-be found sex life, learning to appreciate your body as it is now, releasing shame or guilt, or if sex has always been about your partner.

We are your libido’s very own personal trainer. Start here.

meet CAroline

Founder of Inti-Mate

Caroline has a fantastic energy and talks about sex in a very natural way that isn’t cringy or crude.
— Sarah, 41
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Caroline D’Arcy is a bad-ass sex educator, public speaker, personal coach and Certified Sexological Bodyworker.

As a certified Sex Geek, she has been fascinated with human connection, sex and intimacy since as long as she can remember and has obsessively studied how modern life affects human connection and our sex lives.

After a decade in the corporate world, Caroline established Inti-Mate when she realised that there was no safe, go-to space that she herself could use to access high-quality sex education and understand how her own body worked.

Spreading the self-love message as a passionate public speaker, she has now curated Inti-Mate's highly sought-after home study programmes, or home ‘play’ programmes, meaning everybody can access the empowering, pleasure-infused sex education we all wish we’d had.


The Inti-Mate Business Manifesto 1.0



We Empower Women

We exist to educate and inspirE

We believe in Pleasure


WE BELIEVE that true personal empowerment and deep, fulfilling human connection can only be built on the foundation of a deep, fulfilling and loving connection to yourself.

We create beautiful, safe spaces that educate and empower women in their own bodies.

We challenge cultural messages around female sexuality.

We do this by providing pleasure-infused sex education, inspiring online content, classes and programmes, workshops and personal coaching that deeply resonates with our Tribe.



Empower our Tribe and to take care of each other. To nourish the Team.



Our Tribe: the Team, our clients and followers and those we collaborate with. Those that those who identify with our mission.

Women: female-identifying people with vulvas, and those that love us (we LOVE that you are listening).

If you are looking for a more gender-queer perspective, please reach out and we will point you in the direction of beautiful humans who specialise in that area.









Our Truth: We Empower Women.

We educate and inspire our Tribe in understanding, appreciating and loving their bodies. We facilitate healing from secrecy, fear and shame around female sexuality. We do this with empathy and love.

We stand for the beauty in the balance of the sacred masculine and feminine. There is no one without the other.

We prefer ownership and creative and financial control. We choose to be a self-sustaining business.


Our Truth: Respect women and you heal and uplift the world.

We are authentic and respectful to ourselves, to one another and to the people we serve and collaborate with.

We endeavour to do the right thing. We won’t always get it right but we will endeavour, every time. We make what feels really good to make and take really good care of the people who show up to get it. 

We work with people we really like, and who resonate with what we do. We don’t push or manipulate to sell; we educate, inspire and invite. We put trust before cover-our-ass policies.

We go out of our way to laugh and to really listen.



Our Truth: Pleasure empowers. Pleasure heals.

We believe in the healing power of pleasure. Pleasure is not just the goal, it’s our journey, it’s our Tribe’s journey.

Pleasure drives the execution of each post, online course and product. Pleasure is carried through to the design, usability, marketing and commerce.

All operational systems support our creative needs, and are as beautiful and simple to use as possible.



Our Truth: We believe in an abundant universe... It’s our pleasure to be generous with all of our resources.

Business growth (defined as increasing profit and platform) is an organic benefit of empowering and nurturing the Tribe.

We honour the power of money to create ease, pleasure and positive change. We stay well as a business and individuals by choosing quality and avoiding excessiveness.

We share. We share information and wisdom, publicly and privately. We give a lot for free, happily.

We stand for the value and efficacy of what we produce. We build smart philanthropy into our offerings. We nourish healthy lifestyles for our Team.



For each of us on the team to be well. Nourishment, time, freedom, fun retreats/treats, quality things, supporting our friends, families, and communities.

Creative excellence. To make effectual things for our Tribe. To work with outstanding people, resources and materials. To be a self-sustaining business. Philanthropy. To support and fund healing of women and girls.