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Inti-Mate Blog - Not tonight darling, I'm too tired

Ready to crash out when you get home? Too tired for sexy time?

I’ve spoken before about how the over-demanding 21st-century lifestyle leaves women feeling anxious, stressed and disconnected from our bodies’.

No flipping wonder our sex lives and ability to connect with another human being at the deepest level suffers over time.

There are so many techniques that I and my wonderful clients use to reconnect to our bodies, but this cheeky number is a personal favourite of mine. It has helped me understand energy dips throughout the day. Ignoring these dips in energy or over-stimulating ourselves leaves us even more exhausted!

The secret??

Understanding our ultradian rhythms:

Inti-Mate Ultradian Rythm.png

Nope, not a 90’s Trance group (or at least not one that I am aware of!). An ultradian rhythm is a recurrent period or cycle of energy repeated throughout a 24-hour day. Our bodies work in natural cycles of around 90-120 minutes each.

When we pay attention to what our bodies are telling us (aka embodiment), we notice that every 90 minutes or so, our energy naturally dips. In these moments, we find it harder to concentrate and tend to reach for coffee, sugar or our phone to power through (scrolling on LED screens overstimulates the brain).

BUT IF we pay attention, down-regulate and allow our bodies to rest, we recharge ourselves and come back refreshed.

In an ideal world, a ten- to fifteen-minute meditation, yoga nidra in savasana (deep yogic meditation) or lying down with legs against the wall would super-charge our days.

Realistically, we can’t all plank in the office, so taking a ten-minute walk without your phone - or at least time away from your desk - and plenty of deep-down, regulating breaths (breathing out more than in) will give your body a break.

Think of each dip in the ultradian rhythm like a mini-sleep. If we repeatedly miss out on sleep, we feel awful, disconnected and fuzzy, and this is exactly the same on a smaller scale when we power through our low-energy dips.

When you start working with your body as opposed to fighting it, you become more embodied. The more embodied you become, the more connected you become to your body and the more sensation and pleasure you are able to experience. These mini-recharges during the day can mean you are not as exhausted in the evenings, so when you notice more pleasure and arousal, you have the energy to do something about it!

Win win.

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Lots of love

Caroline. x

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I mean why wouldn’t you??

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