Power Up

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Sexual energy is the most creative force on this planet, so today's journal question: Where am I losing power?

For thousands of years there has been fear and suppression of sexuality, particularly female sexual energy. It came about in the agricultural age, when women and babies both became commodities, or ‘costs’, to the farmer men, so they had to make damn sure their babies were their own…

Over time, sexual power was perceived as dangerous, a threat, something to be in control of - yet we deeply understand that sexual energy is one of the most powerful, intoxicating, creative forces on the planet.

This is where the cultural duality of ‘sex sells’ and ‘to love sex means you are less’ comes from.

This is totally another rant for another time, but understanding how we got here is important, but it’s even more important to do something about it:

I work through empowering myself and our Tribe to challenge damaging cultural messages and rewrite our own script about what sexual power is to us.

For me, sexual power is life, not to be over-dramatic, but libido is life…

Libido creates life through creating babies.

Respect for our bodies and our energy translates into paying attention to where we are giving this power.

When we lack this power, we feel drained.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’, or the old business analogy of filling a bucket up with holes when referring to concentrating on new business and losing exciting clients in the process.

It’s the same with our sexual energy, particularly for women.

We are supposed to be nurturers, carers; we are taught that to be a good person, we must put other people’s needs before our own.

So a daily practice of mine, and one I encourage my clients to do, is identifying what drains us. This is called tapping into your authentic voice, and it’s really easy to identify what is draining us and what is topping us up.

When something is draining us, we feel it.

Sometimes it’s in the pit of our stomach, sometimes it’s a heaviness across out shoulders, a constriction in our chest or throat. It feels heavy.

It has language like ‘I should’, ‘I have to’…

When something is powering us up, it feels lighter, exciting. It flows.

So ask yourself, each and every day - what is draining me, where do I feel it, and why do I feel I ‘should’ do this?

The more we tune into our bodies, the more we protect our energy, the more we put ourselves first - a phrase that makes most of my client’s cringe at first - the more energy we have, and the better we can do our jobs, connect to ourselves and to our partners.

So yes, sexual energy is all energy. It’s life.

And before we even delve into what goes on between the sheets, before we learn to supercharge our sexual side, we have to make sure it ain’t pouring out the other side.

Then the fun really begins.

Once we’ve plugged those holes (pun not intended, but certainly not regretted)

Then we supercharge our lives using three key steps:

1. Pleasure-Infused Sex Education

By understanding how your body actually works, you start to understand you’re not broken, that there's nothing actually wrong with you.

2. Releasing Your Brakes

Your libido isn’t fixed in high or low mode, it’s combination inhibitors and exciters aka brakes and accelerators.

If you don’t take the brakes off, you will find it extremely difficult to get started, or if you do it’ll be a struggle – just like driving a car with the handbrake on!

3. Hit the Accelerators

How can you expect someone’s else to turn you on if you don’t understand how to influence your own libido? It’s like asking someone to cook you your favourite meal without telling them what it is.

By using somatic bodywork techniques, we can hit our own accelerators and EMPOWER our own libidos.

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Big love.