“When women together, to share, to grow and create –  we are far more powerful than the sum of our parts.”

– Caroline D’Arcy

Caroline D'Arcy - Personal Coaching

Craving deep connection, feeling sexy… but when you decide to try, “real life” gets in the way?

Bought programme after programme, but could never find the time to do the work - even though you Netflix binged an entire series of the Crown last week….?

Does it feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, the same problems in your sex life are on repeat, but don’t know how to get off?

Do you want to feel empowered by your sexy side… but can’t shake the feeling that sex is somehow dirty or wrong?

Here’s What I Got

I am inviting a group of women to come together in the ultimate women’s circle for your sex life. I have combined best parts of my one to one coaching with the power of bringing women together

In this 12-week programme, you’ll learn exactly why you struggle to implement self-care practices, how success in your professional life blocks your love life and how to finally let go, drop into the moment, deeply connect with yourself (and a partner if you choose) and really fucking love your sexy side – even if that feels a million miles away.


 This may lead to orgasms. Lots of orgasms.


Here’s what yoU get:

  • Access to a secret Facebook group meaning only the programme members will know you are in there. This is a safer space to feel held, supported and to be kept accountable by myself and the incredible p

  • Live group training on each topic, delivered to the privacy of your own home

  • Activation exercises and tools to ensure that you will take forward into the rest of your life

  • Printable practice guides and further ‘sex geeking’ to support for each module

  • Professional feed-back, support and guidance on your personal experience

  • Space to ask ANY questions you have


Here’s what we’ll cover:

Module 1: Sexy Storytime

99% of self-development falls flat because you try to take action, without changing your core beliefs, we’re here to change this.

Have you ever made a commitment to yourself, or even invested in a programme but real life and other distractions get in the way? Do you feel frustrated, or even guilty that you didn’t follow through, again?

The beliefs and stories we tell ourselves are the script for the life we live, to rewrite our story we first get identify and let go of the BS beliefs that we are holding on to, only the we get to rewrite our story, with us as the star and our desires being the results.

In this module, you will learn:

  • Why ‘thinking positive’ alone doesn’t work, and usually actually makes us feel worse than when we started

  • How to lose the shame about sexy story, and write a new one that excites you and one you will actually make happen

  • My go to practice that allowed me to identify MY sexual story, and fall in love with my sexiest-self


Module 2:  Voice

Do you find it difficult to ask for what you want, or struggle saying no?

Agreeing to that extra client who we know will be a pain in the ass, going for drinks when we want to curl up in our pjs… even faking orgasms because you don’t want to offend your partner?

In Voice I teach you how to tune into your body, make authentic decisions about what is right for you in the moment - not what you think you should do to make other people happy.

In this powerful module, you will learn:

  • Why, even as successful powerful women, we lose our voice

  • The effect on the body and how this kills our sex drive

  • How to know what is right for you, no more indecision, no more guilt


Module three: Sexy Energy

Do you believe that sex is something that happens to you? That your libido is win either high or low mode, and have no idea what to do about it?

Flipping these BS cultural beliefs on their head, and understanding sexual energy that is always within us.

Spiritually, we can this unblocking our sacral chakra, our creative sexy energy. Scientifically we call this sexual inhibitor, or our sexual breaks.

Until we do this, no amount of ‘turn ons’ aka excitation, or acceleration - lacy underwear, date nights, tinder swipes or waiting for Mr Right will work. It’s like driving a car with the handbrake on.

 In this module, you will:

  • Identify your personal sexual blocks or inhibitors, learn how to dial them down so you can get in the mood whenever you want


Module four: The V Word

You’ve been hurt. You often don’t feel good enough and you compare yourselves to other people, hoping just to figure out if you’re ‘normal’.

I bet you have walls up to stop you getting hurt or being rejected… yet you crave connection, you want to feel wanted, sexual, sensual, present.

But as Brené Brown tells us; there is no FEELING without vulnerability.

This module is the game changer, is how I learned how to tell my partner exactly what I wanted in the bedroom and have some of my best orgasms and, how I learned to let down my walls so I could tell someone that I was falling in love with them for the first time in ten years.

You will learn how to

  • Take the weight out of the things you feel the most ashamed of

  • Lower those walls, get comfortable being vulnerable and let the good feeling flow


Module five: Practice vs Play

“BULL SHIT” – Ester Perel, author of Mating in Captivity and personal hero of mine, shouted across the room when she was asked “Isn’t good sex natural, shouldn’t it just happen?”

How the hell can you communicate what you want in the bedroom, have amazing partner sex until you know how to influence your own sexual energy?

Practice is crucial to understanding your body and self-touch is your most powerful self-care practice… Body acceptance, mindfulness, stress, pain relief, it gives you the to drop into the moment and experience more pleasure and more orgasms.

In this final, spectacular module, you will learn how to

  • Influence your own libido, build sexual energy into all parts of your life

  • Explore yourself freely and with a fuck tonne less shame, fear and guilt – meaning you’ll actually do it

Here’s what you need to do next

Want in? I don’t blame you! This the programme I wanted in my life 5 years ago.

As this is the first time I am running a group programme, I am building special, group circle where we delve deep in our most inti-mate lives I will be interviewing every person who applies to make sure we are all a good fit.

The next stage is to drop me an email, with a brief message saying what is holding you back in your sex life and why you want to do something about it now, not next week, not next year.

Email  or message me directly on Facebook.

I can’t wait to speak to you.

Caroline. xx

What they said...

“I don’t feel asexual anymore”

“Having someone to share with each day has made the biggest difference, the calls are great, but knowing I can reach out has been amazing”

“…I’ve never told anyone that before, I feel normal. Thank you for being here”

“I feel like me again. Thank you’

“I thought my body just isn’t built for sex in the same way as other people, I hardly ever get wet. Now I understand how my body works and I enjoy sex whenever I want”

“I thought there was so much wrong with me, I’d not wanted sex with for years even though I used to love it”

“I don’t feel alone”

“Thank YOU for listening!!!! And thank you for support”

“I thought there was so much wrong with me, I’d not wanted sex for years, even though I used to love it. Let’s just say I’m back and more! We can‘t thank you enough”