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Caroline D'Arcy - Personal Coaching

If you're longing to love your sexy side but struggle to find time for yourself, feel shame around your sex life and, even when you are surrounded by loved ones, feel alone and disconnected.

We've been there, and so have the women we work with.

There isn't an exact formula to perfect sex, but there are things you can do release the secrecy and shame that women are brought up with, love how your own body works and experience more pleasure every day.

Our 1-2-1 and group coaching programmes are designed for you if you're ready to transform your sex life.

Caroline is a Sex Coach and Certified Sexological Bodyworker, she uses the latest sex education, somatic bodywork techniques and emotional release techniques that achieve fast results. (Scroll down for client testimonials)

With Inti-Mate coaching programme you have your own personal sex coach as you work through fears, limiting beliefs and patterns that could be holding you back.

Are you rEADY?

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Caroline. xx

What they said...

“I don’t feel asexual anymore”

“Having someone to share with each day has made the biggest difference, the calls are great, but knowing I can reach out has been amazing”

“…I’ve never told anyone that before, I feel normal. Thank you for being here”

“I feel like me again. Thank you’

“I thought my body just isn’t built for sex in the same way as other people, I hardly ever get wet. Now I understand how my body works and I enjoy sex whenever I want”

“I thought there was so much wrong with me, I’d not wanted sex with for years even though I used to love it”

“I don’t feel alone”

“Thank YOU for listening!!!! And thank you for support”

“I thought there was so much wrong with me, I’d not wanted sex for years, even though I used to love it. Let’s just say I’m back and more! We can‘t thank you enough”