INTI-MATE Communications Masterclass

Sunday 13th April at 12pm GMT

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The online masterclass for confident communication skills that TURN. YOU. ON.

You know communication is key to a sex life that you love, but have you ever been taught how??

 Have you ever:

  • Genuinely not known what YOU want or how to say it?

  • Felt embarrassed and awkward and the words got stuck?

  • Worried that you or your partner will feel rejected if you say what you really want?

  • Tried to express yourself and it’s either not worked or offended your partner?

Yes? This masterclass is for you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get the kind of sex you want more of

  • Why it’s so damn awkward

  • How to loose the cringe when expressing yourself

  • How to express what you want confidently in a way that builds connection


Bonus: Download and keep ‘Sex Coach Secrets; How to Talk Sexy Talk’

50 of my favorite scripts that will improve your sex life and build a connection with your partner, from what to say if you freeze and go mute to sharing fantasies and talking dirty


Join us on Sunday 13th April at 12pm GMT.

Spaces are limited - reserve yours now!

Standard Ticket - £50.00

Access to Live workshop, recording and bonus ‘Sex Coach Secrets; How to Talk Sexy Talk’


VIP Ticket - £200.00

Standard ticket and 45min 121 call