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This utterly delicious, easy-to-access programme introduces mindful self-touch as a way to deeply understand and connect with your body, switch off from your hectic lifestyle, take control of your own libido and, most importantly, experience more pleasure in all areas of your life.

IM Mindful Touch is the result of work with hundreds of women, professional training and research with award-winning sex educators and therapists from around the world and, of course, our clients and our own personal experience.

“The most transformative part of my own journey came about as a direct result of the education and practices in this programme. I realised that there is one key step to having the deeply connected, empowering, energising and relaxing sex life that we all crave. The big secret? It starts with connecting to yourself” - Caroline D’Arcy

At our core, we believe in empowering, inspiring and educating women in their own bodies and we believe in pleasure. This is exactly why we created this programme and we know, just because you are here, that you believe this too.

We invite you to delve into your own PLEASURE

This class is perfect for you if:

•          You feel overwhelmed and want to learn how to switch off and be able to get in the mood when you like

•          You feel insecure about your body or are worried about what you look like between your legs and want to feel more confident

•          You feel ashamed, silly or embarrassed about being sexual and would love to embrace your sexuality

•          You spend your time hoping your partner is enjoying sex and are fed up of your enjoyment coming second

•          Solo sex is more of a means to an end (to have an orgasm and a release) and you would love to feel more connected and present

•          Whether you’re in a relationship, or single and having fun, you just can’t seem to find the satisfaction and connection that you crave

It’s time to understand how your body works, deeply connect to yourself and awaken your body to more pleasure.


What our clients said:

“I don’t dread sex anymore”

“I have had such a fantastic, eye-opening experience with IM Mindful Touch, discovering that I am not blocked or frigid, just needed to loosen up, breathe and love my sexy side!!”

“It’s like having your own personal sex coach talking to you every day. I love it!”

“I'm so much more aware of my touch to myself and I actually feel sexy when I do, rather than cringey, which is awesome”

“I thought my body just wasn’t built for sex in the same way as other people since I hardly ever get wet. Now I understand how MY body works, I’m like WAHOOO I have a whole body that I can turn on”

“Caroline has a fantastic energy and talks about it in a very natural way that isn’t cringey or crude”

“For the first time in years, I didn’t panic when my husband tried it on. Usually I will make an excuse or say no just because I panic! Instead, I started to use some of the techniques we learned, focus and breathe into it, and it resulted in much more enjoyment on my part, as I'm usually wishing it to be over and done with!!”


You get:

Access to IM Mindful Touch Online Programme -

  • Nine pleasure-filled and transformative weeks

  • Previously only available via personal, one to one coaching, the education and methods you will learn in this programme have been used successfully by hundreds of women around the world to help them achieve the connection and pleasure they have been craving for most of their lives

  • Eight Mindful Touch Practices. Each practice offers effective and powerful exercises in which you will embody your new skills, deepening your knowledge, appreciation and connection to your own body and pleasure

  • LIVE Group Coaching Q&A’s with our founder and resident ‘Sexpert’, Caroline D’Arcy, to guide and assist you on your journey

  • Access to our secret Inner Circle Facebook group, for continued access to Caroline and a connection to a wonderful community of instructors and clients

  • Recordings, programme handouts and support resources

  • If like the idea of having a personal sex coach to help you make the changes you long for in life, then check out our 1-2-1 coaching programme

What are you waiting for?

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See you in there, big love.

Caroline. xx