Hello and welcome to IM Mindful Touch


I am both so excited for you and I LOVE that you have trusted your time and energy with us,

and most importantly, that you have put yourself first!

Putting yourself first is a rebellious act these days, and I do love a fellow rebel.


How to make the most of the programme:

  • Create space for yourself that gives you privacy, a beautiful, cosy environment with candles, tea, wine, chocolate – whatever works for you
  • Grab a pen that you love writing with and a journal that makes you smile
  • Print off the guidebooks for each section as you go
  • Join the Inner Circle Facebook Group  (see under the videos for instructions)
  • Schedule time. Your calendar is your canvas for designing the life you want. I ask my clients to treat these practices as importantly as a business meeting, since you are here to treat yourself with the respect you crave. Each Sunday I’ll email you a new practice with an estimated time for how long each will take, add your own prep time to this and get it in your calendar. You get extra sexy points for sharing your calendar with the group!
  • Do the work. As much as I’d love to, I can’t do this for you; I can educate and inspire, but the wonderful women who experience the most pleasure, changing how they feel about their body and their self-esteem, do the work: the journaling, the practice, joining the coaching calls and asking questions

And let’s face it is far more play than work. If you would like a little more support, you can always drop me message about personal empowerment coaching.
Course Material
This programme is made up of three chapters, with each topic broken down into separate videos so they are easy to review.

You have immediate access to Chapter one below, Chapter two will be in your inbox in the next 24hrs, then each Sunday we’ll email you that week’s practice.

We’re all about the self-love Sunday!

Ready? Let's begin...

Chapter One - Introduction and Setting the Scene:

  • Introduction (0:19)
  • Setting the Scene (0:24)
  • Intentions, Installation Journaling (0:24)


Introduction (0:19)


Setting the scene (0:24)


Intentions, Installation Journaling (0:24)

Was that good for you? I'd love to hear what you think in our Inner Circle Group!!

Chapter two will be hitting your inbox in the next 24hrs, but if you have any questions or haven't received an email please drop the Team an email: imwoman@inti-mate.co 

Big love.

Caroline. xx