IM Pleasure Ed Class

The pleasure-infused sex education you wish you’d had

Caroline D'Arcy, Inti-Mate, Sex+ zine

In her sex+ Magazine article , ‘Myth Busting Your Bits’ Caroline D’Arcy discusses sex education:

“Sex education in the western world, particularly in Britain and North America, is the equivalent of learning to drive by watching a 30-minute video on horrific car crashes, showing graphic detail of injuries, limb losses, blood, guts, death and utter grief - then being shown the open road and handed some keys and a helmet. Can you imagine the carnage?

My sex-education consisted of the business end of a mature lady giving birth. I can still remember the noises and the gore. I know it can be a beautiful experience, but at the age of 11, I hadn’t even seen my own vulva in any detail, never mind someone else's stretched to the size of a grapefruit. I felt like I was watching Alien.

Without the right information, we rely on cultural messages:

Society – “Sex is between a man and a woman, but if women enjoy it outside of marriage, they are sluts”.

Media – “To be sexy you must slim, pretty, have massive tits and a Barbie-doll shaped vulva. If you don't have the abilities of a gymnastic porn actor and/or are ready and willing with the libido of a teenage boy, you are a prude”.

Medicine – “If you have sex you will get diseases or pregnant”.

There is little or no information on how our bodies actually work, a human being’s natural negativity bias (which is how our own inbuilt survival mechanism always looks for the negative over positive) and pretty mixed messages from our culture – all of that combined means we easily assume there is something wrong with us, like we’re somehow broken.’’


What IM Woman Tribe have said about their sex education:

“I’ve never learned anything more than how a baby is made, oh and how to put a condom on”

“Sex education seemed very clinical. My family taught me to hide my body and that body and sexuality are taboo and not to be talked about. I was never taught about love and sex, protection or consent”

“It didn’t include anything about respecting my own body”


What they wish they’d learned:

“That the way I look is normal”

"I wish I had learned more about what I wanted and less about what they wanted”

“I wish I'd learned that sex wasn't something you did to be liked”

“That self-pleasure was ok and not to be ashamed of"

We’re here to change those negative messages.

We believe that pleasure-infused sex education will not only help us appreciate our bodies and have more satisfying sex lives, we KNOW that the majority of sexual ‘dysfunctions’, inability to orgasm, low desire, impotency and lack of control over ejaculation would all be massively reduced if we were taught from the word go not to feel shame around our bodies, and if we understood how our juicy bits work.

This is the information we believe ALL people with vulvas should know.

Since empowering women is in everything that we do,  we decided to do something about it...

Who is this for?

Women, anyone with a vulva, and those that love us (we love that you are listening).


What you get:

Three classes that can be accessed from your phone tablet or browser for discreet viewing. 

·      We get clitorate. All the delicious education about our sex organs that we should have had

·      We fill in the missing pieces. The new science around desire and libido, and why most women don’t always respond the way most men do

·      How you can train your libido. Yes, control and influence your own libido

·      Plus loads of links, further reading and ways you can learn more from us


How to make the most of the class:

•          Access the classes by dropping your email in the link below and we’ll send you the links

•          Create space for yourself that gives you privacy, a beautiful cosy environment, candles, tea, wine, chocolate – whatever works for you

•          Grab a pen that you love writing with and a journal that makes you smile

•          Print off the workbook 

•          Join the IM Woman Tribe

•          SHARING IS CARING –  we are NOT your dirty little secret, this is an IMPORTANT message for all women. Please share this page on your social media, with your friends, partners, EVERYONE