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The pleasure-infused sex education you wish you’d had

Inti-Mate Pleasure Ed Class

We believe that pleasure-infused sex education will not only help us appreciate our bodies and have more satisfying sex lives, we KNOW that the majority of sexual ‘dysfunctions’ including, inability to orgasm, low desire and body image issues would all be massively reduced if we were taught from the word go not to feel shame around our bodies, and if we understood how our juicy bits work.

This is the information we believe ALL people with vulvas should know.

Who is this for?

Women, anyone with a vulva, and those that love us (we love that you are listening).


How to make the most of the class:

•          Access the classes by dropping your email in the link below and we’ll send you the links

•          Create space for yourself that gives you privacy, a beautiful cosy environment, candles, tea, wine, chocolate – whatever feels delicous for you

•          Grab a pen that you love writing with and a journal that makes you smile

•          Print off the workbook 

•          Join the IM Woman Tribe ask as many questions as you like, share your thoughts and what you loved! Get involved, the more interaction you have, the stronger those neural pathways get, and to find out why neural pathways are key, watch the classes!

•          SHARING IS CARING –  we are NOT your dirty little secret, this is an IMPORTANT message for all women. Please copy and share this link on your social media, with your friends, you partners, with EVERYONE. 




Introduction (0:19)


class one - Lets get clitorate (1:19)

All the delicious education about our sex organs that we should have had.


Class two missing pieces (0:44)

The new science around desire and libido, and why most women don’t always respond the way most men do.


CLASS THREE - train your libido (1:41)

Most people will only get help when something goes wrong in their sex life, here we show you how nurturing your libido and setting up your own self touch practice can prevent sexual issues, help you respect and appreciate your body, dial down the stress that is blocking your sex hormones, find what really turns you on and builds that delicious sexual energy that makes life so enjoyable.


Want more? 

Of course there are more ways to continue this path with us:  jump on the IM Mindful Touch programme today:



For more in-depth support and guidance, you can find out about our one-to-one IM Empowerment Coaching here

One last favour: if you have learned something, please share. We are not here to be someone’s dirty little secret, we believe in Empowering Women through education and inspiration, so please send this class to everyone you know who has a vulva, or even those who love people with vulvas.

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